Wonder Open Days

Have you ever wondered what happens to your waste?

Join us at one of our 2024 Wonder Days and find out!

Veolia invites visitors from across the county to come along and discover what happens at our waste management facilities. Behind-the-scenes, tours and activities offer an insight into the entire integrated network of our recycling and recovery operations and the importance of disposing of your waste properly.

Places must be pre-booked, please telephone as detailed below.

Alton Materials Recovery Facility - 17th June 2024

To book your place please call Kelly on 07748 933031.

Find out how we transform your recycling into a resource.


Marchwood Energy Recovery Facility and Haulage - 9th October 2024

To book your place please call Becky on 0203 5676242.

Find out how we generate electricity from waste.


Chineham Energy Recovery Facility - 11th July 2024

To book your place please call Deborah on 0203 5673855   

Find out how we generate  electricity from waste.


Little Bushy Warren Composting Facility - 12th September 2024

To book your place please call Sandie on 07469 566095  

From waste to rich organic compost, discover what happens to your garden waste.


Portsmouth Energy Recovery Facility and Material Recycling Facility - 28th October 2024 


Find out how we generate electricity from waste and how recycling is sorted and processed to be made into new products.


Please note that these are operational waste management sites, so depending on location we are unable to accept visitors under 7 years old and at some sites we cannot accept visitors under 18 years old.