Hampshire - Composting Facilities

Veolia hampshire littlebushy warren composting facility

The composting process at our Hampshire sites

In Hampshire we have 2 composting sites: Little Bushywarren near Basingstoke; and Chilbolton Down near Winchester. These two sites have a combined capacity of over 100,000 tonnes of green waste per year.

The Process

  • The raw material can include grass clippings, shrub and tree prunings, and any organic matter from Hampshire gardens including fruit fall
  • The material is shredded, reducing the volume and accelerating the start of the composting process
  • The processed material is formed into trapezoidal-shaped rows, known as windrows
  • Temperature, oxygen and moisture in the windrows are all monitored regularly
  • The rows are then aerated, turned and mixed regularly over 12-14 weeks. This removes the carbon dioxide and introduces oxygen into the process
  • The rows are irrigated if the moisture content falls below optimum levels
  • When fully composted the material is graded to customer requirements Oversize material is mixed with incoming green waste to be further composted down