Veolia hampshire Chineman energy recovery facility

Integra North (Chineham) processes non-recyclable household waste and recovers heat energy from the waste to produce steam. This is used to generate up to 8MWs of electricity, supplying the National Grid with sufficient electricity to power more than 10,000 local homes for the life of the facility.

Through consultation with the public, the needs and concerns of the local community were taken into account. This allowed the best possible final proposals to be produced.

Communication is an integral part of our day to day business. We maintain our relationship with the local community by a continuous and strategic approach to communication. This is achieved via:

  • The development of Liaison Groups in connection with developments and changes to facilities
  • Initiatives and campaigns to raise awareness to target audiences
  • Presentations to interest groups, community groups and schools
  • Visits to our facilities

One of the major design considerations was to ensure Integra North was as unobtrusive as possible in its surroundings.

The technological and operational advances of today have allowed this facility to become a benchmark in Energy Recovery incineration of tomorrow.

It has been designed to meet the latest legislation regarding environmental impact, with tight controls being placed on emissions, noise and odour.

This state of the art ERF not only provides an alternative to landfill, but allows for the sustainable production of energy through the disposal of waste.

A Benchmark in Design

  • Architectural design led project
  • Special materials
  • Light reactive cladding
  • Significant landscaping scheme
  • Use of curves and colours to soften impact
Information on the latest emissions to air data for the Chineham Energy Recovery Facility.