Generating energy for Hampshire from non-recyclable waste

Operational since December 2004 the Integra South West (Marchwood) processes non-recyclable waste to supply up to 16MW of electricity to the National Grid – that’s enough for around 22,600 local homes.

The design of Marchwood ERF is unique, in that the entire facility is housed under an aluminium-cladded dome. The dome stands 32 metres high, and the stack is 65 metres tall. The technology within is the same as all the other facilities, but the design was created in consultation with local residents, councils and a team of architects. Marchwood ERF is situated on the Southampton Water estuary, opposite Southampton Docks. The ERF uses the estuary water as part of the cooling process for the steam which is used to power the turbines that generate the electricity.

View a short video of the building of the Marchwood ERF facility.
Information on the latest emissions to air data for the Marchwood Energy Recovery Facility.