Hampshire - What We Do

Veolia hampshire What We Do

Paper, plastic bottles and cans are not the only things we recycle in Hampshire

We operate 26 Household Waste Recycling Centres where residents can bring household and bulky waste that is not collected by the kerbside collection service.

We collect green garden waste and make it into a soil conditioner – Pro-Grow - a 100% organic process that results in a very high quality product. We also recover methane gas from our managed landfill sites, which we prevent from escaping and becoming a ‘greenhouse gas’, and instead use it to run specially designed gas engines which produce electricity for the National Grid.

Since 1996 we have been composting green garden waste on a commercial scale.
Kerbside collection in Hampshire is the responsibility of the local & district authorities, who deliver the waste to us for processing.
Veolia has developed and implemented innovative technologies to produce electricity from landfill gas, contributing to the campaign against the greenhouse effect.