Have you ever wondered how your rubbish generates electricity?

Hampshire Energy Recovery Facilities open doors to show how rubbish can generate electricity

If you have ever wondered how your rubbish is used to generate electricity then we have the perfect solution for you. We will be holding a series of open days at our Energy Recovery Facilities in the coming months.

Tours of the facilities, which run throughout the day, are conducted by the facility managers and their teams. Richard Gledhill, manager of the Marchwood Energy Recovery Facility said: “The open day is a great way to find out what happens to your waste and take a look behind the scenes of Marchwood’s Energy Recovery Facility.  I can promise it won’t be a rubbish day out!”

Visitors will go into the control room and see the fuel being loaded into hoppers for the furnace – up to two tonnes at a time. They will also walk through the site and see where steam is generated, how the combustion gases are cleaned up and explore the visitor centre. Visitors will also find out what happens to their recycling!

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your waste, or just want to see how green electricity produced from our household waste, this is the day out for you! Open to everyone, places on thess always popular events should be booked in advance. Families are especially welcome.

When and how to book

Alton MRF - Monday 9th May
Call Michael Crockford on 01420 593220

Portsmouth ERF & MRF - Monday 24th October
Call Patricia McLaren on 0203 5676182

Marchwood ERF - Wednesday 31st August
Call Becky Saunders on 0203 5676242

Chineham ERF - Saturday 24th September
Call Debbie Lewis 0203 5673855

Little Busheywarren Compost Site -  Date to be confirmed
Call Kimberleigh Giles on 01256 381895